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I read an interesting article in Wired magazine today about the Mathematics Genealogy Project (more on that later) and after a little research I stumbled upon the Mathematics Genealogy Grapher which looks like a great tool for those of use who are a little geeky – this might also be a great way for Gary Boyd Roberts to show his work.


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I place that I’ve visited once or twice, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky has a rich history that I new little about until I stumbled upon this article at the Appalachian History web site. Rival cove owners pulled dirty tricks on each other as they tried to lure tourists to their under cash cows, this practice continued after it became a National Park.

For those of you who are splunkers at heart there are other cave stories found on the Appalachian History web site.

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An interesting article on the blog West in New England about a hot summer day in 1893 in what is now considered a bedroom community of Boston. You can read an article from The New York Times here that was published Auguest 17, 1893. Was it the hot summer day or the tension of passing from the old to the new that got everyone on edge.

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